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What is LVC?

Lutheran Volunteer Connect (LVC) helps churches, schools, and organizations connect with Christians who are ready to live their faith. It’s a win-win-win scenario that we’re really excited about (and are humbled to be part of it).

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The Perks

Churches & Organizations

Infuse fresh manpower & talent that accelerates spreading the gospel and strengthens your local believers.

Find & utilize skills that are not readily available in your start-up church or established congregation (or anything in between).

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Strengthen your faith through helping others, discover new optimism, and learn from other believers.

Return home with fresh ideas for your own church & community.

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Programs grow & reach new people, drawing even more attention from the locals.

More people come into contact with the gospel & seeds are sown (that’s why we’re here)!

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You’ve got the will & they’ve got the way. Let’s get you connected.

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