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Lutheran Volunteer Connect (LVC) exists to help Christians act on their faith. God can do wonderful things through any means, and he encourages us to use our gifts wisely and to his benefit. He gave David the gifts of music and bravery, and then gave him the opportunity to use those gifts to defend his flock of sheep from lions, defeat Goliath, and become king. Even though David didn’t know he was special, even though his family didn’t think he was special, God knew.

God chooses all of us to do important work. Not just to protect sheep, but to share the gospel and that’s what LVC is about. By connecting the right gifts to the right organizations, we can witness God’s grace work through new avenues. Even though Vacation Bible School and canvassing don’t always seem glamorous, they bring the gospel to people, and there is nothing more important.

LVC Cycle

At Kingdom Workerswe saw an opportunity in the CELC to connect members in our doctrinal fellowship the demand and supply of volunteers with opportunities to serve. Before, there was no fast, easy and centralized way for Lutheran organizations to find people to help with their outreach ideas. Now there is. You can share the gospel in your own community or just a few states away (or, if you’re really adventurous, there might be opportunities in Africa). No matter your talents or your comfort level, there is something for you on LVC. Get out there and show the world how amazing God is. 

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