How It Works

LVC is the bridge between the churches, school, organizations and the volunteers

Lutheran Volunteer Connect is the link between Lutheran organizations and volunteers. On one side, there are tons of churches, schools, and organizations that have great missions but lack manpower. On the other side, there are all kinds of talented Lutherans eager to use their God-given skills to serve. LVC is the bridge where those two sides meet to create new connections and spread the gospel together. 

First, an organization has a great idea for an outreach opportunity.

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They figure out exactly what they’re looking for in volunteers and post it on LVC. They can be as specific as they want and add an age requirement, time commitment, special skill - whatever their project calls for.

Next, organizations can search for volunteers and connect with them directly or volunteers can connect with an opportunity on their own.*

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For example, if a church posts an opportunity for one person to translate church materials into Spanish, the organization can “shop” specifically for volunteers that speak Spanish. If a church needs five able-bodied people to help move furniture or plant some trees, they could choose to post their opportunity and wait for volunteers to connect with them. Then, after receiving connections, the church can accept the perfect matches for their opportunity. 

the volunteers show up (physically or electronically, depending on the opportunity) for the day, week, year, or whatever and go to work. The project becomes a reality and great things happen for churches, schools, and communities everywhere. 

People in the community are served.


*LVC does not manage any opportunity logistics, only the connection. The church, school, or organization will be responsible for communicating logistics with volunteers, which include – but are not limited to – planning, travel and lodging costs, and opportunity details.

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