Perks for Churches & Organizations

Maybe you’re the pastor of a start-up congregation and you have the ideas, but lack the numbers to get them done. Maybe you’re a well-established organization, but want to get the word out as far as you can about your long-term volunteer opportunity. Or maybe you’re a strong, mature congregation, but your members are burnt out.

By posting your volunteer opportunities to Lutheran Volunteer Connect, you tap into a wide network of Christian volunteers who are ready to serve. You can actively find specific skills by searching through profiles or you can simply let the volunteers find you.

Volunteers who are ready to serve.

Here are the perks:

1. Infuse manpower & energy

We’ve all been there – you give all you’ve got with no thought to your own health and suddenly you find yourself in burnout land, which is nothing like Candyland. But here’s the best part – volunteering is the circulatory system of the Church, bringing fresh enthusiasm and life to the muscles (the churches and organizations) that are overworked or laying dormant.

2. Find new skills & talents

With access to the full LVC database of ready-to-go volunteers, you can easily outsource skills that are not readily available in your congregation, school, or organization. Need a graphic designer? Post it to LVC. Need help canvassing a neighborhood? Post it to LVC. Looking for a personal trainer to help run an outreach bootcamp? You get the idea. Post your volunteer opportunity and find the person you need.

3. Strengthen local believers

Sometimes with fatigue and burnout comes a flickering faith-life. Or maybe you have church members who are brand new to Christianity. Or maybe you’re a small congregation hoping to strengthen your tie with the church body for the encouragement that comes from other believers. Fresh volunteers, regardless of the situation, offer fellowship and a fortifying connection in local believers as they work together toward a common goal. How could you look on a joyful servant and not be inspired? Spoiler alert – you can’t. 

4. Spread the gospel

The whole point of this is to spread God’s life-giving word, right? That’s why we (humans) are here in this world and that’s why we (LVC) are here on the interwebs. In a world that is cracked, crumbling, and stranger than fiction, it’s up to us to show more kindness and creativity in reaching those lost souls. 


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