Perks for Communities

We love the churches/schools/organizations and the volunteers that make up this symbiotic relationship, but this is our favorite part: in this whole structure of Lutherans helping each other and everyone growing stronger, it’s the communities all over the world that are benefitting most from this exchange of energy and talent.

It's a win-win-win scenario

Here’s how: 

1. Programs grow bigger & stronger

Volunteers helping in a pinch for a large event or a few long-term volunteers teaching English in Zambia – these opportunities are different in nature, but both grow and strengthen a program or project by fulfilling a need. It’s as simple as having boots on the ground to help meet outreach goals.

2. Reach new people

It’s easy math: more people involved = more people helped = more souls saved. Canvassing is an example of volunteers reaching as far into a single community as they can. Glamorous work? Perhaps not. But it’s a guerilla-style of outreach that can make the difference between a family floundering without purpose and a family finding a church home.

3. Spread the gospel

This! This is the whole point of Lutheran Volunteer Connect – connecting with each other to spread the gospel. It’s the driving force and purpose in each of our lives and we all have different ways of achieving it. As the body of Christ, we all can do our part by using our individual skills to drive spiritual growth in ourselves, our brothers & sisters, and in those who are just waiting to hear they were created and chosen.