Perks for Volunteers

Other than the obvious – using the skills God gave you – there are real perks to volunteering alongside Lutherans who share your same thoughts, beliefs, and eagerness to help. Let’s break it down together.

Volunteers who are ready to serve.

4 Benefits to Volunteering

1. Discover new optimism

We get it – sometimes it’s routine that wears on you and other times it’s the cyclical traumatic events on the news that cause your heart to grow heavy. By volunteering with different people in a new community (or your own) and using your skills to help grow our family of believers, you’ll see that your work makes a difference. Maybe an organization could use your help balancing their books or maybe you could be the one to tell a new mother about Jesus, a tiny infant born for an entirely different purpose. 

2. Demonstrate your faith

As an individual, your faith is important, too. By serving others and living your faith, you’ll deepen both your relationship with God and with other believers. A functional faith is a strong faith. Volunteers are like the circulatory system of the Church, bringing fresh energy to organizations and communities that can use your help. And it’s through this faith in action that you also find encouragement and new connections.

3. Learn from other believers

Volunteer opportunities offer the chance to meet new people, some of which may be other believers. Churches, schools, organizations, and individuals all have different ways of accomplishing the same task – not better or worse, just different. A fellow volunteer might teach you a new skill. Or, even better than that, you might learn a new way to connect with people who are craving something in their life and they just don’t know what it is yet (hint: it’s Jesus). 

4. Bring fresh ideas back home

By helping and experiencing the projects other churches and organizations are doing, that creative brain of yours will naturally start to see new ways your own church can reach into its community. Pretty soon we might see your home congregation posting an opportunity to Lutheran Volunteer Connect, all because one volunteer tried something new and then brought that love for service and outreach back home.