What is your doctrinal fellowship?

We are part of the CELC, which stands for the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference. It is an organization that represents the fellowship of 32 Lutheran member churches world-wide, including the WELS and ELS. Learn more at www.celc.info.


How are LVC and Kingdom Workers connected?

Lutheran Volunteer Connect is a service provided by Kingdom Workers. It exists to connect Lutheran individuals with churches and organizations that need volunteers. We want to encourage a culture of service among our brothers and sisters in Christ.


How are LVC projects funded?

Each church or organization on LVC is responsible for funding their own projects.


Who can create an organization profile on this website?

Any church, school, or organization in fellowship with the CELC can create a profile and post opportunities on LVC.



What can I do if an organization cancels a project?

This will hopefully be a rare occurrence, but if it happens, continue looking for ways to volunteer and connect with another opportunity on LVC.


Is there a fee to volunteer through LVC?

Signing up and connecting with a project is 100% free, but individual volunteer opportunities may include costs for transportation, housing, etc. (Learn more)


I had a poor experience volunteering. What can I do?

As brothers and sisters in Christ, prayerfully consider sharing your concerns with the organization where you volunteered. Volunteer feedback – even if the experience didn’t go well – helps to improve a program for future volunteers, the organization, and the community being served.


Why was my application rejected?

There are a few reasons why we might be unable to process your application. Make sure that all required fields on your profile are complete. If that doesn’t work, there might be an internal technical issue that needs to be fixed. In that case, please email your questions to help@lutheranvolunteerconnect.com

Note: Anyone can complete a profile on LVC, but many of the organizations will look for volunteers that are in fellowship.


How is my personal information used?

LVC connects volunteers with organizations looking for help. Any organization with a posted project can search for basic volunteer profiles with specific skills and interests related to their project. Volunteers can also scroll through opportunities and sign up for any projects they find interesting.


Who is responsible for transportation and housing?

The host organization and the volunteers are responsible for organizing accommodations together. (Learn more)



My church/school/organization or opportunity is in another country. Can I still post a volunteer opportunity?

At this time, Lutheran Volunteer Connect is only set up to handle United States addresses. However, if you have a volunteer opportunity, please contact us at help@lutheranvolunteerconnect.com and we will help you post it to the site. International address capabilities will be added in the future.


Why was my organization profile rejected?

Thank you for your interest in recruiting volunteers through Lutheran Volunteer Connect! LVC was created to serve members of the CELC, a group of Lutheran church bodies in fellowship around the world. (www.celc.info). Because of this, we only post volunteer opportunities from CELC organizations.

Your profile might not be accepted because the required fields haven’t been completed. If that isn’t the case, there might be an internal technical issue that needs to be fixed and you can email your question to help@lutheranvolunteerconnect.com


Why was my opportunity or project rejected?

We want to keep the focus of LVC on volunteer service opportunities. To do this, we have a few guidelines in place to act as a filter for projects. Use the pointers below to make sure your project checks out.

  • All project information needs to be completed before it can be posted.
  • All service projects need to be in fellowship with the CELC.
  • LVC does not allow recruitment for standard, salaried positions such as school administrators.

If your project follows our guidelines and is still not accepted, there might be an internal technical issue that needs to be fixed. In that case, please email your question to help@lutheranvolunteerconnect.com


Is there a fee to post volunteer opportunities on LVC?

One posted opportunity costs $30 for a three-month listing duration (93 days). That’s the same as $10/month!


Is there a deadline for posting projects?

No deadlines! You can post at any time of the year and as many projects as you want. However, you should still consider your project timelines for the best chance at filling your volunteer team. For example, we recommend posting a request for volunteers three months before the project. Give it time and plan ahead!


I am having trouble with payment.

Payments are handled through PayPal and not through LVC. All payment questions should be directed to PayPal’s customer service. The following link leads to their help page:



My organization was not able to get the volunteers needed. What should we do?

Unfortunately, LVC can’t guarantee that projects will connect with the number of volunteers needed. However, we can suggest a few strategies to help your opportunity.

Advertising on social media is a good way to market yourself. Does your organization have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Post your opportunity there and ask some dedicated friends or followers to share it.

You can also reach out to other organizations. Do you know some Lutheran pastors? Ask them to share your project needs with their church.  Consider putting up flyers in your local area. Ask friends and family to volunteer or spread the word. There are a lot of ways to recruit volunteers, so explore your options!


I represent an organization, but I see someone has already created a profile on behalf of the organization. Can you help?

Email LVC with the name of the organization, and we will work to clear up any confusion or conflict. You can reach us at:  help@lutheranvolunteerconnect.com