How to Create a Successful Opportunity

Posting an opportunity is easy, but sometimes the way we present information makes it harder for volunteers to say “Yes!” Spend a few extra minutes ensuring your post is up to snuff and it will help both your opportunity and the whole community of Lutheran Volunteer Connect.

1. Be thorough & accurate

Volunteers should know exactly what they’re signing up for – no bait & switch tactics here. Be honest about the work they will be doing, how much free time they will have, and what they will need to fund themselves.

Don’t over-promise. Avoid advertising the beautiful coastline that is two hours away if you know your volunteers will be too busy or too tired to visit it during their time with you.

Do be candid about the impact of their work. Volunteers want to know that what they’re doing matters, so tell them! If they’re helping you reach a goal, share that in your post.

2. Be descriptive

Don’t be dry. Give the facts, but present them in a way that a prospective volunteer can’t help but click the Connect button. For example, if you’re posting your church’s summer Bible camp, which description do you think volunteers will respond to better?

a) Join us for this awesome chance to share the gospel!

b) Join us this summer and get to know the new kids on our block (and in our community). Each year our VBS brings in over 75% new families – be part of making an eternal difference in their lives! 

Don’t tell people your opportunity is awesome, tell them how it is awesome. What is different about your church’s Vacation Bible School? How is your organization’s program changing people’s lives for the better? Try not to fall back on cliche phrases. Instead, channel your creative writing skills to describe your program in a way it’s never been described before. Show how your VBS spreads God’s word and grows the church.

3. Plan ahead

We recommend posting your opportunity 3 months before your event, program, or project. This gives you time to connect directly with volunteers, allow volunteers to connect with you, and to communicate logistics of the project.

The 3 month time period also allows you to advertise on social media, get your congregation on board, and fully explain your program goals without sounding desperate. Our Church & Organization Planning Checklist is a great resource for making sure your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.

4. Shout it to the rooftops!

Tell everyone you know to sign up for Lutheran Volunteer Connect so they can connect with your opportunity! Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all the socials. The more people who know, the bigger and better our Lutheran community becomes.


Follow these steps, and your volunteer opportunity will start off on the right foot. Let’s get started!


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